The World's First Eyeliner Lash Adhesive + Serum

Ahh...LinerLash Adhesive + Serum™, our hero product and the product we are well known for. Never before has the world heard of an eyeliner that is also an eyelash adhesive as well as a lash serum. 

Yes, you read that right. This triple threat is an intensely pigmented eyeliner, a super sticky and waterproof eyelash adhesive as well as a natural lash and skin serum. PERIODT.

Okay wait...let's take it back to traditional lash glue. Remember when we needed to squeeze the glue onto a flat surface and then use another tool to apply it to the lash band? OR you were just like 'Screw it' and directly squeezed the glue out of the tube onto the lash band which then resulted in WAY too much glue on the band and a huge mess. After the glue got all over the place and you managed to get a thin layer on your lash bands you needed to place the lashes down for a minute to make sure the glue dried JUUUUUUST enough. If it was too wet it wouldn't stick and it would ruin your eye makeup...if it was too dry it wouldn't stick at all which would result in having to re-apply the glue ALL. OVER. AGAIN. As I am writing this I am laughing because did I really do all this? WOW! Sometimes I would try multiple times over and over because I REALLLLLY wanted those lashes on. I'd always get them on though. I'd like to think I'm a very dedicated and determined gal. 

Fast forward 10-12 years...I was using Ardell Duo lash glue (the tube) literally just up until last year when the magnetic eyeliners came out. I tried almost every type of adhesive eyeliner but just couldn't find one that actually worked. The magnetic eyeliner was just a clumpy, gross mess. The magnets kept falling off the lashes and the eyeliner was messy and chunky. I also found I needed to apply a thick, thick layer of the eyeliner for the lashes to actually stick and I did not like that at all. I threw the magnetic liner and lashes away and decided to try a non-magnetic liner adhesive. The first few I tried barely kept the lashes on. They were not pigmented or sticky at all. I began to lose hope that there was going to be a lash glue alternative for me. I went through about five more adhesive pens until I found 'THE ONE.' 

Yes...I had found 'THE ONE.' The most perfect felt-tipped eyeliner that allowed me to draw on a perfect, deeply pigmented line with or without a wing. The black colour was insane! It drew on so smooth and precise. Now it was go-time. The ultimate test...will the lashes stick? I nervously took my lash and placed it on top of the liner. The lash INSTANTLY stuck on. I barely even touched it. I was in awe. I moved the lash around to make sure it was in the right place and I was done. It took literally less than 30 seconds. There was no waiting for the glue to dry and absolutely no mess. LIFE-CHANGING! I decided that this was it. I took this eyeliner adhesive and had it formulated with natural castor oil for its lash and skin health benefits. Castor oil has been used to moisturize skin, hair and nails for tens of thousands of years. If you apply castor oil to your natural lashes, they will actually thicken and grow much faster. 

So there you have it. The PERFECT alternative to lash glue that actually works and works WELL. Not only is it a lash glue but also a natural lash serum with health benefits for your skin and lashes. Gone are the days of liquidy, messy lash glue that is so terrible for your eyes. It comes in clear, black, pink, purple, green and blue. If you are still struggling with your lash glue then it would definitely be in your best interest to give LinerLash a try. Trust me, you will not regret it.






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