How To Apply

How To Apply Glam Girl Magnetic Eyelashes


Step 1.

Curl your lashes and apply your mascara as you normally would. Pick up the top lash and hold it over your eye.

Step 2.

Position the magnetic lash on top of your natural lashes as close to your lash line as possible. Bonus if the lash sticks to your mascara a little bit!

Step 3.

Leave the top lash where it is and pick up the middle lower lash with your tweezers (it's a tad easier than fingers!)

Step 4. 

Without blinking, place the bottom middle lash underneath your natural lashes so it meets and connects with the top middle lash magnet. Do the same for the bottom left and right magnets. Done! Instant Glam.



How To Apply Glam Girl Strip Lashes

  1. Curl your lashes and apply one to two coats of mascara underneath and on TOP of your natural lashes.
  2.  With a pair of tweezers, carefully remove your falsies from the box and set aside.
  3. Measure lash strip to your eye to check length and trim the end of the lash if necessary.
  4. Like an eyeliner, apply a thin layer of our mess-free, quick-drying Glam Girl Lash Adhesive above your lash line. Alternatively, you may apply directly to your lash band. 
  5. No need to wait! Use tweezers or your fingers to take the falsie and place them as close to your natural lash line as possible.
  6. Press down the centre of the lash to anchor it on your natural lashes. Press down the outer corner followed by the inner corner.
  7. Once the falsie is attached, sandwich the top and bottom of your lashes with your thumb and forefinger to unite the falsies with your natural lashes.